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7K Distillery

The Creators

Discover the story of how Tasmania’s most unique distillery was born—and the minds behind its birth.


The Distillery

Modern, innovative and unique. How did 7K come about? Why modified shipping containers?



The world of gin is incredibly diverse; from traditional Genever style gins to the classic London Dry. How is ours different and what makes it 'modern'?

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We are extremely proud of our beautiful state.

From the rolling green hills in the north, to the rugged, aggressive west coast and the stunning white beaches in the east. Tasmania is a mecca for tourism, but now also spirits and, of course, fresh produce.

This combination made Tasmania one of the biggest inspirations for our product and our distillery. We believe 7K encompasses Tasmania, not only with the name representing the 7000 area code of our state, but all the way through to the use of locally foraged botanicals in our gin.



Our passion is creating exceptional spirits, but it’s also for sharing them!

With 7K get not one, but two custom and portable cocktail bars. Gin and Tonic on tap, boutique and custom cocktails, and signature drinks designed exclusively for your event.

Chat with us about how you can make your event that little more special!

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Follow the 7K journey + see behind the scenes here



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